NJSx International


This offer is about supplying the applicant with the prospect of an internship in a UK company, with the prospect of an extension of a further 2 years. The applicant is provided an internship for 12 months and then will leave the UK and return straight away for another 12 months if desired. After 1 or 2 years dependent upon performance the applicant may secure a further 2 years extension. All in all 1-3 year’s program.


• Positions: F &B, Cook, Business & Finance, Engineering & Construction, Health Care, IT

• Types of Establishments: Restaurants, Catering Companies, Hotels, Multinationals, Hospitals.

• Gender and Age: 21years – 35 Years

• Education: Degree holders, Diploma holders

• Previous Work Experience: 0 years to 3 years

• Locations :- Throughout United Kingdom

• Work Schedule (Hours & Days off) 48-60 hours per week

• Salary 12000- 15000 GBP/ Annum

• Lodging / Accommodation:- Depends on employer

Additional requirements Good level of English language. IELTS is not mandatory.

• Type of Visa : Work Visa

• Processing Time: 16 to 24 Weeks *

• Maintenance Fund : Candidate must hold £1200 GBP in the bank or family member account for 3 months prior to applying for visa. The applicant must allow for fluctuations in the exchange rates.

• Private Medical Insurance: Candidates must hold private insurance policy with 500,000 USD medical cover plus repatriation: This can be purchased from BUPA, Alliance or Care Med. This insurance will be arranged by WCE and will cost the candidate £365.00 (£1.00 per day payable on visa approval)