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Which is open work permit to work into any service sector
This is the cream visa of Malaysia.
1 year validity & renewable till 10 years.
Restaurants, coffee shops, food courts and other approved food establishments (excluding food stalls or hawker stalls).
Financial, insurance, real estate and business services.
Transport, storage and communications services.
Commerce (retail and wholesale trade).
Community, social and personal services (excluding domestic workers).

Age and Salary

Non-Malaysians must be below 50 years old.
Service Sector Salary is = 1200 to 1800 RM

Professional Work Permit FOR MALAYSIA

Professional Work Permit means that an expatriate from another country is Highly Skilled and is offered a Skilled Job in Malaysia. It is issued by the Government for Top Level Management (Company Directors, Managers, IT Professionals, Teachers, Doctors Etc.) and highly skilled professionals.
They are of two types:-
(1) DP 10
(2) MSC Visa

DP 10

It is an Employment Pass for 2 years (DP10 Visa). Professional Work Permit is issued to Top Level Management (Company Directors, Managers) and highly skilled professionals. In simple words it is an ‘Employment Pass’ issued by the Government for Employees of a Company. The initial validity of the pass is 2 years but it can be extended for 10 years.
This Employment Pass has a High Value in the International Arena. Those individuals seeking to apply for Canadian, Australian, UK and USA Immigration/work permits have a higher probability of success once they qualify for the Malaysian Professional Work Permit. Malaysian Companies are recognized all over the World. This means that their Work Experience is recognized internationally.

MSC Visa

MSC visa is Malaysia’s national ICT initiative designed to attract world-class technology companies while grooming the local ICT industry.
Fully supported by the Malaysian Government, MSC Malaysia has led the nation’s transformation towards a K-Economy over the past decade and a half. MSC Malaysia is your gateway to the ICT industry in Malaysia and the region.

Benefits of Professional Work permit

Your Dependents (wife and children) can follow you to Malaysia and are permitted to seek employment as they wish. They can be added to your DP10 via a DP11 Permit.
You can do any kind of Employment as you wish. You are fully permitted to start your own Company, Business after getting the necessary registrations from the Malaysian Government.
The Initial validity of the DP10 pass is 2 years. But it can be extended for 10 years. When you get the permit, you have to renew it after 2 years of time.
Upon confirmation of your DP10, the immigration issues a Golden Color i-kad (Electronic Identity Card) used as your Expatriate Identity Card for travelling within Malaysia.
You Can Rent an Entire Row-House, Apartment or a Condominium with Swimming Pool, Gym facilities etc. You are free and legally permitted to choose a place to live as you wish.
If you have a Legal Driving License from your Country of Residence, you can convert it to a Full Malaysian Driving License with the use of your DP10 Work Permit.
You Can Apply for a Malaysian Bank Account. A Savings or Current Account upon your request. You Can Apply for Credit Cards from any Bank in Malaysia.
You can apply for Permanent Residency after minimum 05 years upon working in on a DP10 Permit. You can avail many advantages as a citizen in Malaysia after you get it.


We also provide services for service sector in gulf countries such as:-
(1) Dubai
(2) Bahrain
(3) Oman
(4) Qatar
(5) Kuwait
(6) Saudi Arabia

For gulf countries we assist for jobs in Hotels, Restaurants, Air Ports, and in Repudiated Companies.