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NJSx International are aim to provide our clients with quality services which can help bring a change in their lives and future. I work as market facilitators who enable students and professionals to seek quality education and a successful career advice. And who wants to get Immigration for USA, UK Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore & Malaysia. I have started this great mission to advice & consultancy services to the students for their studying abroad and people who want to get immigration enable them make a proper decision for their future career. I am just a medium for people to achieve goals and all our efforts are aimed to make sure that I show them the right path. I am doing nothing but a final push for people to achieve their true destiny. I want to say thanks all those who supported and trusted me, and chose our services either for education or immigration purposes. I appreciate sincere efforts of all my team members and working with NJSx International.

About Us

NJSx International is the Legendary Organization in India, which offers various Educations, Internship & Immigration services, who wish to studyand migrate in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada and Europe. Right from Inception NJSx International has had an obsession with Quality which till today is a hallmark of the Company. NJSx International is one the few Foreign Education and Immigration Consultants which are supervised by qualified personnel. Our Basic motive is to provide solution to the problems of any kind of study and Immigration.


Our main objective is to provide candidates with personalized services personally, by email or telephone. We have advised many students from inall fields of studies: vocational training, university programmed of hospitality & managements… Students are the assets of our Nation. They are ambassadors of Peace and Culture. They play very important role to bring forth the real image of INDIA. They earn good reputation for Nation by their positive attitudes. We train, educate and guide properly for the betterment of both students and India. We are fastest growing company by providing hospitality job assistance in USA, AUSTRALIA, European countries, Asian Countries & many more.